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Valrhona Chocolatier, house of the best chocolate in the world

Valrhona is one of the most exclusive French Chocolatier houses. Located in the wine region of Hermitage, between Lyon and Valence, Valrhona, has devoted itself to create the most luxurious textures and flavors of culinary world.

The chocolate produced is always for a season and elaborated from beans of a specific harvest, particularly the Grand Crus, which is harvested in South America, Oceania and the Caribbean.

World famous for their luxury bonbons. Every day in Valrhona, they use their knowledge to innovate aromas and flavors searching for the idea of the perfect chocolate. With the purpose of evolution, Valrhona imagines new flavors every day. They taste and make different combinations of cacao beans to create these chocolates.

Valrhona chocolatier house is well known for their art of mixing passion and rigor, which guarantees a consistent flavor in each one of their products. Regularly new production methods are developed, starting from the fermentation process.

This fermentation process has given birth to a fourth chocolate color: Dulcey. Chef Frédéric Bau left Ivoire chocolate in Bain Marie too long, ten hours later Bau discovered chocolate had turned a blonde color.

Chocolate desserts at RosaNegra

Products made in Valrhona are distinguished for their incredible taste and texture. All their chocolates are made in specific workshops following traditional methods. For example: they use cooking methods that go from Toasting to caramelization.

If chocolate doesn’t surprise you anymore and you want to surprise your taste buds with the most delicious chocolate in the world. RosaNegra has a delicious Valrhona Chocolate cake! Its incomparable flavor and texture are guaranteed to delight.


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