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It’s all about Passion in RosaNegra

During February we celebrate all the passion that surrounds our different culinary and entertainment experiences, the love with which the different concepts were created and the power to share extraordinary moments in each of our spaces. At Grupo RosaNegra "It's all about passion" because passion is an essential part of everything we do. 

February is the perfect month to show your love and passion in all areas of your life. If you’re looking for extraordinary ways to celebrate love and friendship, here are some reasons to visit RosaNegra.

Live in the moment

There are many things that can be replaced or renewed, time is not one of them. There is no better gift than moments with family, friends or couples, and RosaNegra is the best experience you can have, whether in Polanco, Tulum, Cancun or Los Cabos. Each of the restaurants offers a unique gastronomic proposal in a very exclusive and fun ambiance. 

Culinary Experiences

Our products are exclusive, regulated and sustainable, carefully chosen for the brand to create each dish on the menu. The ingredients were attentively acquired to bring you only the best in the world. The menu was designed with products that are purchased in more than 50 different countries, with diverse regulations, protocols and gastronomic proposals. 

It’s all about Passion in RosaNegra

The perfect atmosphere

Just as we take care of every detail of the menu, we also make our atmosphere unique, whether in privileged locations in Mexico or overlooking the lagoon, RosaNegra is a sensory experience from the moment you arrive. Every detail of the decor and interior design seeks to offer you a superior and unique sensation, so you will never forget your visit to the restaurant.

High level entertainment

RosaNegra presents live happenings with live percussion, fire shows and the resident DJ. Your evening will have diverse surprises, great service and above all a lot of rhythm. We play with time, moments, opportunities and make every night magical. Let yourself be carried away by the essence of the brand.

RosaNegra has space for all kinds of experiences, whether with your family, your partner or your best friends, we will do everything to personalize your experience and make your visit exceed your expectations. Discover the magic of RosaNegra all February and let passion and love take over your life all February. 


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