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3 carajillos that you can only try at RosaNegra Cancun

The carajillo is one of the favorite drinks of those who visit RosaNegra Cancun, ideal to pair with a dessert or why not? become the dessert. 

There is something charming about this drink, maybe it's the familiar coffee flavor, the Licor 43, or the perfect combination between a cocktail and a coffee. 

If you’re an enthusiast of this drink, we recommend you try the best carajillos in Cancun, created by our mixologist to offer you a creative and captivating experience. At RosaNegra you will find other versions of your favorite aperitif you won't find anywhere else. 

Mazapán Carajillo

Mazapán is one of the most delicious and recognized Mexican candies in Mexican culture. Its peanut flavor makes it simply spectacular, try our carajillo and feel the different notes of this cocktail worthy of winning awards and being recognized worldwide. A true delight for your senses. 

Speculaas Carajillo

The speculaas is a Belgian cookie with caramel and spice flavor, very common throughout Europe and ideal to share with a coffee. Nowadays, we can find this flavor in different presentations such as desserts, waffles, or even a spread. 

Our mixologist was inspired by this delicious flavor to create a unique carajillo. 

Carajillo de olla

Café de olla is a true gem of Mexican cuisine, there is something truly extraordinary and comforting about its flavors. The piloncillo and cinnamon add a touch of homey feeling and country life. Imagine this flavor combined with Licor 43 and the perfect preparation technique, a true experience for your palate and a special ending of an amazing evening. 

carajillos that you can only try at RosaNegra Cancun

RosaNegra Cancun is one of the best restaurants in Cancun, a unique experience that offers you high level entertainment, a fascinating culinary experience and a highly exceptional cocktail menu. Book now and enjoy the best Carajillos at RosaNegra:


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