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27 sept 2018

RosaNegra: The flavor of Latin America and the coolest platings in Mexico City

Source: Food and Pleasure

12 sept 2017

RosaNegra, a slice of South America in Polanco

Source: Kena

20 sept 2018

RosaNegra: The best place to eat Kobe beef in Mexico

Source: Gourmet de México

21 mar 2018


Source: Chilango

3 oct 2019

The secrets of Kobe beef

Source: El Economista

21 oct 2019

RosaNegra: A tribute to contemporary Latin cuisine

Source: Alto Nivel

5 feb 2020

RosaNegra restaurant unveils menu full of surprises

Source: EnTodoMx

9 jul 2021

Tuna Weekend at Tora and RosaNegra Cancun

Source: Rotativo

13 jul 2021

Tuétanos, a delicacy for everyone

Source: Gourmand

9 jul 2021

Mexico | Weekend dedicated to tuna at Tora and Rosa Negra Cancun

Source: Latitud 2000

25 nov 2021

At Tora and Rosa Negra Cancun, an entire weekend dedicated to tuna

Source: Core Culinario

27 jun 2019

There are only 9 restaurants in Mexico City serving certified Kobe beef

Source: The Happening

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