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Architect Jorge Borja receives award for RosaNegra Los Cabos

RosaNegra is the concept that came to revolutionize the restaurant industry, every detail was masterfully designed: the menu, entertainment, drinks and of course the interior design, all this has made it a recognized brand in Mexico and around the world. 

Its mission is to create a journey of sensations and emotions through its design, details and distribution, that is why the renowned architect Jorge Borja was chosen for the project of all RosaNegra establishments; it was important that a visionary and experienced professional was in charge, to portray its greatness and innovation and turn it into an emblematic space. 

The firm BV is Mexican and was founded by Jorge Borja in 2002, at first it operated in Mexico City, but later moved to Cancun to work on various projects in the area; the firm has specialized in the design of luxury resorts, hotels, spas and residences; it has worked with major brands such as Fairmont, Mandarin hotels and also worked for the design of the Chablé hotel with Paulina Morán, recognized as the best hotel in the world by the Prix Versailles award in 2017.    

This year International Property Awards has recognized the firm BV in the category of "Central & South America Property Awards", for the masterful design of RosaNegra Los Cabos and we are proud to receive this incredible award, which distinguishes this establishment for its design, functionality and great projection worldwide. 

Architect Jorge Borja receives award for RosaNegra Los Cabos

These awards validate the greatest achievements of companies operating in all sectors of property and real estate, this is an international real estate award from a globally recognized brand of excellence. 

We are honored to be part of this recognition and share it with all our customers and encourage future diners to visit this extraordinary restaurant in Los Cabos that will delight and surprise your senses with its incredible essence and menu inspired by Latin American culture, certainly a must for your next visit.


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Emily Mia
Emily Mia
10 hours ago

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