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Have you tried one of the first desserts in Latin America?

We have one of the oldest desserts in Latin America at RosaNegra; symbol of culture and with taste options for every palate.

Flan was one of the first desserts in history, they talk about it centuries B.C and was known as “tyropatinam”. It was during the Middle Ages that it reached great popularity and the name was changed to “Flado” and it could be sweet, salty or with fish. When caramel was added it was named “Flan”. It came to America with the Spanish Conquest and nowadays it is one of the most popular desserts in the World.

The name Flan comes from the VII century and it is a French Word meaning flat cake. When flan became popular, new versions were born, depending of the country where it is made, but basic recipe to make it include eggs, milk and sugar; it is cooked using Bain Marie.

We have three representative Flan recipes from different cultures:

one of the first desserts in Latin America

Passion fruit flan from Brazil, Dulce de leche Flan from Argentina, Goat cheese flan from Chile, overflowing your senses and opening new flavor experiences for your palate.

Maracuyá or passion fruit is an plant from Amazonia symbolic from Brazil; it got its nickname from the love story of a Spanish damsel and a Guaraní native that were separated by death and their love blossomed in this fruit; our passion fruit flan is  carefully prepared and reflects RosaNegra’s sensuality.

Dulce de leche is a traditional Latin American dessert made from caramelized milk, it is used in several desserts such as Dulce de leche Fan in Argentina and you can travel to this Corner of the World though your palate.

Goat Cheese flan is crafted from a mix of goat and sheep cheeses producing a mix of flavors in each bite, taking you to know the history of this dessert in Chile.

Come and try the Flan tasting and make you dinner a memorable occasion. Book now at:


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