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Discover the exclusive products of RosaNegra

RosaNegra is characterized by its haute cuisine, imagination, precision and detail in its dishes, but above all in exclusivity, so you can live experiences that you could not enjoy anywhere else.

Each recipe was designed from very unique exclusive ingredients, we share with you some fun facts:

  • We have exclusive products of RosaNegra that you won't find anywhere else in the world such as Bogavante, King Crab, Super Colossal Octopus and baby octopuses, to name a few.

  • Our products are exclusive, regulated and sustainable, carefully chosen for the brand. This means you can enjoy your food, knowing that it was acquired through formal protocols and responsible purchasing.

  • Our menu was created with products that are purchased in more than 50 different countries, with different regulations, protocols and gastronomic proposals, in addition to being designed to have a balance between ingredients, gastronomy, exclusivity and creativity. 

  • You can visit RosaNegra more than 15 times and you will never eat the same thing. 

exclusive products of RosaNegra

These are the dishes we recommend you try on your next visit:

Lobster Tostadas, Lobster Ceviche, Grilled King Crab, U4 Giant Tiger Shrimp and Ora King Salmon.

We have a great variety of dishes that will delight your senses, offering a unique gastronomic experience; this is why travelers from all over the world visit Rosa Negra Tulum every day looking to discover new trends, flavors and great moments. 

We are waiting for you to live unforgettable evenings. Book now at:


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