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RosaNegra now in Cabo!

Our incredible restaurant has arrived to Cabo to surprise locals and international travelers with the exceptional menu that represents it throughout Mexico. 

RosaNegra continues to grow and now opens its 5th restaurant to conquer the Pacific area with its flavors and high level entertainment. 

After the success of other Grupo RosaNegra restaurants in Cabo such as Mamazzita, Taboo Beach Club & Restaurant, Funky Geisha and Craft, now comes the flagship brand of the group to offer spectacular nights of fun and live shows. 


Its cuisine pays tribute to Latin American culture, the passion for superb food and the delight of the senses through sophisticated spaces, elegant décor and an exceptional culinary experience. The exquisite menu is inspired by cuisines from countries such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, creating an eclectic combination of authentic and daring flavors. 

In addition to the culinary delight, RosaNegra offers a spectacular signature mixology, inspired by Latin flavors, distillates and ingredients to create original combinations full of authenticity and freshness.

Desserts can’t be left behind, they certainly deserve their own celebration; admire their presentations and taste their exquisite flavors to end your evening on a good note.

Gourmet dishes with exclusive ingredients such as Ora King Salmon, Alaskan King Crab, Nigerian Tiger Shrimp and Super Colossal Octopus, as well as beef cuts are the best way to pamper yourself or celebrate a special occasion.

RosaNegra now in Cabo!

Their live shows and music by the resident DJ will turn your dinner into an unforgettable party.

If you visit this acclaimed destination don't forget to book your table to live the RosaNegra experience in Cabo.  Book now at:


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