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RosaNegra now has a beach club in Tulum

The essence and grandeur of RosaNegra has arrived to the beaches of Tulum, to create an atmosphere of celebration and Latin party, now as a spectacular Beach Club.

Enjoy a wonderful day at the beach RosaNegra style, with one of the most incredible views of the Mexican Caribbean. 

RosaNegra Beach is a spot of luxury and glamour by the beach. We have transformed the concept of a simple day at the beach into an extraordinary and sophisticated experience. Tulum is a unique destination, its natural landscapes, connection with the Mayan culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle, makes it one of the most visited cities in Mexico. 

Experience its natural setting, from the incredible spaces of RosaNegra Beach, its amazing sunbeds, cabanas and private lounges. Each location was designed with bohemian vibes and sophistication. 

This Beach Club concept is inspired by the culture of countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico. Each dish, drink and show was created to pay tribute to these incredible countries that have an enormous diversity in every sense: art, culture, fashion, history and cuisine.  We have taken elements, details and unique touches from each, to fuse them with our style and the atmosphere of Tulum. 

At RosaNegra Beach you can enjoy many of the dishes that are already iconic to the restaurant, and a few others that are newer, to suit the facilities and Caribbean vibes of the concept. Enjoy fresh salads, ceviches, tiraditos, extravagant sushi rolls, and a signature mixology menu with Latin American alchemy, presentations and ingredients that make our drinks simply exceptional.

In addition to the culinary experience focused on delighting your senses, the atmosphere is another great plus for this fabulous beach club, the DJ's music, percussions, as well as the capoeira shows, make it a fantastic spot to spend your days in the Caribbean.

RosaNegra now has a beach club in Tulum

RosaNegra Beach is for those who dare, those who go beyond the ordinary, those who seek new experiences and celebrate life in every breath. 

Order your favorite cocktail or bottle of choice, while you dance, celebrate, enjoy and live intensely, in one of the most acclaimed spots: RosaNegra Beach.


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