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Discover the concept of sustainable Fine Dining

Sustainability is a concept that is gaining more and more strength in different sectors, and Fine Dining is no exception. Knowing the process the ingredients of your menu go through, buying food from responsible and certified suppliers, taking into account the seasonality for the creation of certain recipes or the use of certain products, is the way in which many restaurants are applying these sustainable practices in their kitchens. 

One of RosaNegra's main missions is to offer a menu based on creative culinary proposals, nutritional value, exclusivity and sustainability. Each dish was created with the brand's values in mind. Our chefs are committed to putting quality above all else. 

RosaNegra's sustainable Fine Dining is based on using ingredients that can only be found in certain parts of the world such as Indonesia, India, Russia, Norway and Australia among many other countries; their fishing, harvesting, purchase and importation require long processes, certifications and commercial encounters.  

Among the products you can enjoy at RosaNegra Cancun is King Crab, whose fishing is highly dangerous due to the strong winds and the depth of the seas where it is obtained, besides, only male crabs can be caught. 

You can also find super colossal octopus, tiger shrimp, lobster, Kobe beef and king ora salmon. 

RosaNegra seeks to offer dishes that you won't find in just any restaurant, combining them with local products, mixing local recipes with international cooking techniques, all while enjoying spectacular spaces, live shows, views of the lagoon and unprecedented signature mixology.

If you're looking where to eat in Cancun and make every bite a unique experience, RosaNegra is ideal for you.

Discover the concept of sustainable Fine Dining

The menu is full of exciting combinations and exquisite surprises for your senses.

Check out the menu here:


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