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Did you know that we have Kobe Beef in Mexico?

The introduction of Kobe Beef to Mexico is very recent and restaurants that serve it are few.

It  entered Mexico recently because the process is long and requires some evaluations and the restaurant that will have it must have prestige to be considered, but mostly it is evaluated from Kobe, Hyogo prefecture.

RosaNegra’s affiliation was one of the first ones in the country and we are proud to say that we didn’t just receive a permit to sell it. We became part of Kobe Beef Federation.

The standard of quality is very high that is why to place an order, you need to ask for the meat you will need, 50 days before since only 80 animals can be exported each month to the whole world. Europe has the most heads assigned, being 20-25 and Mexico only 6-10 per month.

This makes the availability of Rib eye pieces in Europe 40 to 50 pieces and in Mexico only 12 to20 per month.

Kobe Beef in RosaNegra

Having such limited amounts to be distributed around the world, makes Kobe Beef very exclusive, but makes it particularly hard to get Rib Eye or Tenderloin.

Currently, the affiliation is closed worldwide indefinitely.

You can try Kobe Beef Rib Eye and New York cuts at RosaNegra.

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