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Deconstructed cuisine transforms Chile en Nogada

Gastronomy has experienced changes thanks to the creativity of some chefs or to respond to the need from the public for something less conventional.

One of these way to re invent is Decontructed cuisine, the term given to the renowned chef Ferran Adrià from Spain in the early 1990’s. This consists in giving a different presentation to existing dishes; using different colors, textures, shapes; even temperatures.

Deconstructed food was first cooked in El Bulli, a restaurant in Cataluña, Spain, where all of Adrià´s successful dishes were created.

One of the first items to be deconstructed was Tortilla Española, very popular in Spain. Its ingredients are eggs, potatoes, onion and olive oil. The deconstruction consisted on serving layers of potato foam and egg foam inside a martini glass, placing the sautéed onions and olive oil on top. A different interpretation of the original pan fried version.

Some say that deconstructed is the wrong term for this kind of cuisine as it is more about re interpret dishes or reconstruction.

Deconstructed cuisine transforms Chile en Nogada


How would deconstructed tacos be? Or deconstructed Mole enchiladas?

Deconstructed cuisine is definitely not for everyone because you need to be bold to get out of your comfort zone and try different things.

Some Mexican classics have gone through the technique of Ferran Adrià such as the signature Mexican dish from Puebla: Chile en Nogada.

How do you imagine the deconstructed chiles en nogada? Are you ready?

A poblano pepper foam with dry fruit and caramelized nuts inside. Pomeganate is present as caramel. Nogada, the creamy sauce is present as cream. In this version there’s  no ground beef. Sounds good?

If you are looking for new ways to eat something predictible, deconstruction can give you a new perspective where some ingredients can take textures and presentations never seen before. Let us surprise you!



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