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Celebrate your wedding at RosaNegra Cancun

RosaNegra is known for its gastronomic experiences and for being the ideal option to celebrate in a Latin atmosphere of celebration and sophistication.

Its incredible terraces overlooking the Cancun lagoon are the perfect setting for a special and romantic event: your wedding.

RosaNegra can be the venue for your wedding in Cancun for several reasons:

Dreamy drinks

Our signature mixology is known for its premium distillates, creative combinations and never-before-seen presentations. If you have an event with us, you will be able to design or plan the drinks menu for your guests. Your event will be remembered for its creative cocktails.

Customized menu

Depending on the number of guests and preferences, you can choose the dishes for your special night. Design the perfect menu and include our exclusive products to make international cuisine the star of your event. 

Party atmosphere

In addition to incredible food and drinks, RosaNegra has entertainment throughout the night that will make your evenings even more spectacular.

Enjoy the music of our resident DJ, the bongo show, sparklers and fireworks over the lagoon, a true delight for your senses. 

Dock overlooking the lagoon

The spectacular view of the Nichupte lagoon will be perfect for your wedding photos, get married with the sunset in the background and experience one of the best moments of your life. Consult with our experts who will design the event so you and your guests have the time of your life.

Celebrate your wedding at RosaNegra Cancun

Without a doubt, RosaNegra is a great option if you’re looking for a place to get married in Cancun that is elegant, with the best service and dishes to pamper all your guests. 

Don't hesitate to contact our executives to share with you all the information needed to make the best decision of your life, your wedding at RosaNegra Cancun. Contact us in:


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