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5 tips for a successful office event

A good work environment is key to maintaining a healthy relationship at the office. Motivating employees, recognizing their effort and socializing go a long way towards creating a solid productive and united team. 

The year is ending, and many corporations and offices are planning events and reunions to celebrate. We would like to share some recommendations to host a successful event. 


Plan ahead.

Time is your best ally when it comes to organizing an event: it helps you choose more fitting dates, have a better spot at the restaurant and secure a reservation. It will also be easier for your work team to save the date and be able to attend without setbacks. 


Do it on a weekday.

The weekend is used by many to spend time with their family, run errands or simply relax. We recommend choosing a weekday to have the best disposition from all collaborators because it will not separate them from regular activities. 


Pick a place outside of the office. 

In order for employees to relax, it’s important to separate it from the work space environment. Ideally it should be a place where everyone can feel like guests, choose a venue with a pleasant atmosphere, great music and amazing decoration, this will help to boost the social mood. 


Coordinate the menu

Choose a restaurant that’s flexible and can offer many options from an exquisite menu even for those with certain dietary restrictions. A work event doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality and elegance. Celebrate big and remember that they have worked so hard to achieve their goals all year.


Send the invites in advance with the proper information.

Now that you’ve chosen the date, place and menu, it’s important to send the invitation on time in order to count on a high attendance rate.

Your invitation must be clear and include: date, time, dress code, type of event, menu options and be specific if it’s a collaborators event only or if they may bring a guest.

This will help you plan a successful event, with a confirmed guest list and smart logistics in every way. 

successful office event

Planning a corporate event  is a great challenge, but with the proper planning everything is possible. We recommend you to contact our groups and reservations area, RosaNegra Polanco has great options to make everything easier for you. 

We guarantee a fun night, with exquisite food and great drinks in one of the best restaurants in Mexico City. Book now at:


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