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5 desserts you shouldn't miss at RosaNegra Polanco

RosaNegra's desserts are true works of art, their presentations are masterful and the flavors are simply extraordinary. 

We reinvent classic recipes to give them creative, unexpected and sophisticated twists that elevate the dessert to another level. 

Here are some of the desserts you can't miss on your next visit to RosaNegra Polanco, the best restaurant in Mexico City. 

Carrot Cake

This delicious cake is prepared with organic carrots, cheesecake, caramel syrup and toasted walnuts. 

A favorite for its texture and classic combination of flavors that will not let you down. 

Giant Churro

Freshly made churros are always a good idea and a sweet way to pay tribute to Mexico. 

This crunchy dessert includes dulce de leche ice cream, vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup and chocolate syrup. These ingredients combined create an explosion of flavor that will bring your evening to a sweet and spectacular conclusion. 

Cheesecake on the clouds

Delight your senses with an exquisite cheesecake accompanied by seasonal red fruits and cotton candy, which will make you feel like sleeping on clouds.

One of the most requested desserts for its flavor and exceptional presentation. 

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake should always be a must in a menu, there is something magical and sophisticated in tasting a slice of soft chocolate cake. What makes ours special? There are two factors, its spongy and moist texture, and that it is baked with Valrhona chocolate, this chocolate comes from a chocolate house in France that produces seasonal chocolate made from beans from a single year's harvest and a specific plantation, which is grown in South America, Australia and the Caribbean, with high quality standards. Undoubtedly, a gift for your senses. 

5 desserts you shouldn't miss at RosaNegra Polanco

Cinnamon roll

Our cinnamon roll is a true gem from our menu. It’s served hot in a pan, with vanilla ice cream and a touch of café de olla flavor. Let yourself be surprised by its soft texture that melts in your mouth. Pair it with your favorite coffee or a carajillo. You will not regret it. 


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