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3 not-to-be-missed ceviches at RosaNegra

RosaNegra is known for its extraordinary cuisine, full of nuances, unique combinations and ingredients of the highest quality. The concept is a tribute to the best of Latin American culture, replicating great stars of the gastronomy of Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Peruvian cuisine inspired ceviches; the whole world has been fascinated by its freshness and flavor, at RosaNegra we have created our versions of Peruvian ceviche to conquer even the most demanding palates. 

We share with you three of the must-try dishes of our cuisine:  

Peruvian Ceviche

We wanted to replicate the original flavor of this well-known Peruvian dish full of freshness. This recipe has sweet potato, leche de tigre, corn, cancha, fresh fish and a light spicy flavor.  

A true delight for your senses, that you can pair with a cold beer or one of the cocktails from the signature mixology menu. 

Salmon ceviche with coconut

A fresh and original combination, our salmon is prepared with coconut, coconut milk and Thai chilies, to contrast the sweet and spicy flavors.  An ideal ceviche to start your evening at RosaNegra, that besides being exquisite, has a unique presentation, perfect for a photo. 

Conch ceviche

The conch ceviche is one of the most coveted in the Caribbean and the world, due to its sustainable fishing and its delicious taste. 

At RosaNegra we use avocado and cilantro to enhance its flavor and it also adds a green color to it. Enjoy its slightly spicy flavor thanks to the serrano chile.

3 not-to-be-missed ceviches at RosaNegra

The best ceviches in Cancun are at RosaNegra, savor a great moment with an enviable view of the lagoon, a menu full of unique flavors, signature mixology and the best of entertainment. 

Visit the best restaurant in the hotel zone and let yourself be surprised by its magnificent flavors. Book now at:


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